Lot’s of Requests For Stock – Sign up Now and Sell Your Stock!

With many new dealers signing up for our free trial period and using their trial time to request new stock, we have a shortage of stock for sale! If you have stock to sell, sign up for free (subject to confirmation as a dealer by us) and start selling!

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Wholesale Motor Dealer Sales – UK

As a unique service provider to the UK motor dealer sales market, have you considered wholesaling your vehicles within an online market place using the scale of the web to do the effort for you by not relying on your “contacts”? Are your contacts giving you the best money for your stock still? Surely when they tell you, “well, i don’t really want it but i will give you $XYZ for it”, doesn’t mean your getting the best money for you or your customer to do a deal; meaning you pay for the rest out of your own margins that you work hard on already? Surely another dealer who is looking for that stock your selling will give you a better price than the above example?


Are you a multi site dealer group who you rely on the above examples at each of your sites? Why not use the internet as scale within your group business to see if you can retain and re-sell stock from within your group maximsing margins!

contact us or register for a free no obligation trial or as a dealer group contact us to get a special registration for your group for a an extended free trial where the buyers and sellers pay no commisions to buy, sell, price stock.

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Updated Phone Numbers

We are happy to announce that we have updated all our phone numbers and have also made sure that after hours contacts are also available. So if you have any questions or sales inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us or send us an email for more information.

Check out our new stock online now before agreed deals are confirmed!

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Free Trial Extensions to Jan 2013!

We are proud to announce that we are going to extend our free trial accounts till 2013 in the lead up to Xmas and winter!

Sign up for free before December and get an extended free trial period till January 2013 with full account functionality and free VRM lookups – it doesn’t get better than free!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are an online company – email is always quicker!

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Almost at 100 users!

We are proud to have almost hit a milestone of 100 users located from the North to the South of the UK and out to Bristol in under 2 months. This makes us proud to understand that dealers are looking for a change to the norm and we are always happy to receive feedback.


We look forward to viewing your registration here soon.

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Additional 30 New Vehicles For Sale Since Friday!

If your wondering whether or not it’s worth while to register with us based on how we can add value to your time in registering with us, then we are pleased to confirm that it is! Additional to existing franchise and non franchise motor dealers already trading with us and vehicles now constantly being posted during the weeks, we have had an additional 30 vehicles posted Friday for a weekend worth of viewing of new stock.

Obviously being a new player in the online sales environment we are pleased for the amount of dealers we have had sign up already and start trading with us, so we would like to thank those dealers that have signed up with us to date, and we are working hard to get even more dealers signed up.


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First 40 Vehicles Posted!

We are proud to announce that Motortrademail.com (UK) has posted a milestone of the first 40 vehicles for sale! These vehicles are a range of prestige and non prestige late model vehicles spread from the Northern counties down to London.

In under 3 weeks since our launch, we have got some great responses from fleet companies, brokers, franchise and non franchise dealers which reflects the current market of dealers looking for better propositions at reasonable pricing.

If your looking to trade your stock in a fast, safe and simple method, why not register today? Buy, sell, request trade pricing to a national audience without trying to reinvent the wheel!

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Contract Agreed With HPI UK – 12 months!

We’re pleased to announce that we have just agreed a 12 month contract with HPI UK to supply Motortrademail.com with live look-up vehicle data direct from the DVLA database, accessible to all Motortrademail.com users including free trial users!

Data integrity for all users is of the up-most importance for both buyers and sellers when making a purchasing decision. Additional to understanding our strict registration verification process and the detailed advertisement descriptions, up to 8 x free photos per advert, estimated re-conditioning costs from the seller, star rating system for buyers – which highlights and are searchable, covering main vehicle costs; allow users to easily identify key vehicle information easily and therefore the ease of buying and selling knowing critical information up-front provides comfort throughout this process.

Further developments coming soon!

Have a trading relationship with an established dealership who are prepared to provide trading references for you, VAT registered and confirmed land line phone number – why not register with Motortrademail.com today here!

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Motortrademail.com Launches in the UK!

We are pleased to announce that Motortrademail.com has now been launched in the UK!

Bringing global best practice and learning’s from our Australian business and combining it with our leadership team, all senior UK motor industry professionals with a range of experience from – prestige franchised and non prestige franchised dealer groups, finance and insurance and fleet management, providing a wealth of UK motor industry knowledge to provide an alternative communications platform for UK dealers, fleets, brokers and all businesses trading vehicles without leaving your office, at market leading pricing.

Our successful proposition is underpinned from the motor industry in Australia that is relatively behind the UK market in terms of using technology to trade vehicles; by adding a vast amount of “industry requirements” for our users in buying and selling cars dealer to dealer online, while at the same time considering dealers in this tough trading environment to ensure our pricing is sustainable and at levels that UK dealers are used to paying years ago from our competitor but receiving more useable value such as vehicle star rating systems, up to 8 images as standard for all users to upload to an advert to name a few.

All DVLA vehicle look up data is live and available to all users in-line with the number of advertisements a user may use in a single month, the minimum is 50 for just £46+vat per month.

We look forward to continuing to add value to all users while providing a real time sustainable marketing communication platform to the UK motor industry at the most affordable pricing.

Please click here to register for your free 2 week trial!


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Wholesaling – Multi Site Dealer Groups, Are You Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity?

To many times we have discovered that many multi site dealer groups are actually wholesaling against their other sites in order to achieve the maximum value for trade-ins and used car stock at auctions or sourced via wholesalers. In today’s age of attempting to maximise ever dollar, this in theory sounds ridiculous, let-alone the fact that this is actually happening in reality.

So the most recent example is where a large dealer group principle has told us about where one of their sites traded a car in for $19,000 (their local wholesaler was the best underwritten price) and the same company in a different location bought this same car from the wholesaler for $20,500 as they had a retail customer that wanted a similar car for retail money (this was the explanation for the other site paying such a variant in price but at the time didn’t know where the wholesaler had sourced the car from) to which they were able to do a retail deal and make the appropriate profit – lucky!

So for the sake of a phone call in the case of the wholesaler or in another angle some will look at this as lacking of internal communications of multi-site dealer groups, the wholesaler made a nice profit of $1500 for the cost of a phone call, or again from the other angle the dealer group lost $1500 profit for not having a better internal wholesale process. The wider effect of the second instance (the dealer group losing out) is that potentially how many more of these cases are happening, not to mention getting rid of stock that other sites within your dealer group may want to buy or at least underwrite the wholesale price so they get to source better stock and keep it within the group, therefore reducing the need to have full time staff on the road constantly buying from external sources when if they were to look at using technology, this situation could easily be overcome, not to mention the reduction of costs of complete “buying” teams sourcing stock full time and reducing your operating costs across the board!

So what if you could implement a web based system that would instantly notify every one of your used car managers/buyers at each of your dealerships nationally, each time your trying to trade a car and do a deal allowing them to instantly reply to the requester either by phone or email therefore allowing you to build a used car wholesale network for your dealer group as well as an open national market of licensed motor dealers?

This will allow all of your sites nationally to stay connected and source stock from within while at the same time maximising your used car/trade-in stock position, while making sure your sites aren’t wholesaling stock against each other therefore cutting into profits purely because your internal dealer network isn’t joined up, and allowing for stock that no-one internally wants to be purchased externally to a national audience. For more information please contact our sales team or click here.



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