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Wholesaling – Multi Site Dealer Groups, Are You Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity?

To many times we have discovered that many multi site dealer groups are actually wholesaling against their other sites in order to achieve the maximum value for trade-ins and used car stock at auctions or sourced via wholesalers. In today’s age of attempting to maximise ever dollar, this in theory sounds ridiculous, let-alone the fact […]

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Google Reveals It’s Most Searched Car Brands

Australians search most often for Toyota, Holden or Ford – according to the internet giant, Google. While the top three brands from both Google’s list and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ VFACTS figures for year-to-date sales match up, Toyota ranks 1st, Holden 2nd and Ford 3rd – the likenesses stop at number four. Nevertheless, […]

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Wholesale Car Sales Market – On The Up?

This year least to say has been a tough year for motor dealers and wholesalers alike, with consumers being wary about spending money on things like new/used cars etc. However as much as it has been a tough year, the figures are showing steady growth in an upwards trend as the year has progressed, providing […]

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