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  1. All approved dealers should complete their “update my details” page as shown below in order to set up their account so we can match and send automated notifications to you based on your saved criteria.

Dealers can:

  • select as many vehicle makes and models as required

  • narrow their automated search notifications by age and mileage

  • select which states and regions they would like to receive notifications from

  • have the ability to turn on / off automated notifications from us for either new advertisements of cars for sale or requested cars

  1. When another dealer posts a car for sale and this car matches the details you set up and saved in your account, we will automatically send you an instant notification that matches each of your saved criteria’s – this can be edited at any time instantly via your profile.

Some of the details our car sales advertisements show are:

  • High level star rating with relating statements below

  • Advertisement management and detailed vehicle descriptions

  • Where the dealer is located

  • Valuation tool

  • Estimated spend required

  • Multiple communication channels to instantly contact selling dealer

We have structured a unique “star rating” system for buyers to view high level details about the car at a glimpse, which directly relates to the statements below the number of highlighted stars as selected by the seller.


While looking at a vehicle you may be interested in, contact the dealer directly - either by email from the advertisment, your profile inbox or directly by phone striaght to the source – your choice, commission and fee free!

  1. In addition to the automatic notification settings you have saved in your profile that we will send you, no matter which franchise or industry speciality you are, you can view all makes or narrow your search by state, region or detailed vehicle search.


Advertisement Management – My Deals

  1. We have designed a simplistic management process for dealers to manage advertisements of cars you have “agreed to buy”, directly from the advertisement itself, through to once you have completed the deal - allowing you to track the progress of all your purchases.