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Request a Wholesale Price

Have you ever needed to do a deal and needed more money for the trade-in but couldn’t get it or wished you had a wider network of dealers to underwrite your trade-in pricing? Well now you do!


  • Requesting a wholesale price for a car through is quick, simple and effective, taking less than 2 minutes to add your car to our system, making sure most of the important information for buyers are included to help get that extra £500 and for you to do that deal.


  1. It’s as simple as visiting the website, registering as a member, clicking on the “sell a car tab, then using the simple drop down and selection boxes to describe your car, select how you want buyers to price your car, tick the stared boxes to rate your cars stand out features in order to give buyers a quick understanding of the benefits of your car, and even upload images to the system if you have them.


  • Choose different methods in how you want other dealers to respond to you


  1. Once you have described the car you want to receive pricing on and have selected the method in how you want to receive pricing, choose the states / regions that you want to market the vehicle too.

  • Our system directly markets the potential sale of your used car as well as your request for a wholesale price direct to buyers who have set their profile to recieve similar notifications in each state / region.


  1. Once you have described the car and have selected the states / regions you want to request pricing from, you will be able to review your advertisment and all it’s details before it’s submitted and marketed to dealers in the same locations as you selected, either by make or location. All dealers on can still view your advertisment but may not get directly notified of your vehicle due to different dealers individual settings.


  • Dealers who wish to make an offer or underwrite a price for your car are then free to contact you directly and instantly, allowing you to control the whole process from this point.


As motor dealers we all know that the more people a car is marketed too, the higher the chance of getting better pricing as the car may be stock that another dealer, even in a different state / region, is after!

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