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About Us has been developed by Motor Dealers with a total of 69 years motor industry experience, both in the UK and in Australia - where was originally developed.


As traders ourselves we understand that making and retaining profit isn't easy in the current trading environment, so making a decision on where you spend your profits are as important as the suppliers you do business with. As existing UK online vehicle suppliers continue to increase buying and selling fee's without offering additional value to their customers, we were approached by some senior UK motor dealer's, who within their own right have tens of years of experience in the UK motor trade and who were tired of paying increased prices themselves, and wanted to create a proposition for the UK based on our Australian technology platform while adding options to create an additional "value add" to UK motor traders for less money.  


We will be providing a communications platform to directly buy and sell cars to and from leading UK car brokers, fleet companies, both independent and franchised motor traders, wholesalers and online / offline motor auctions that want to develop a seperate sales channel, additional to just their single primary function, therefore providing a large diverse range of stock to buy and sell too, as a registered user.  

As we operate 100% independent of any dealer group, franchise or vehicle manufacturer, we have no bias or interest in any single brand or the need to make payments to share-holders allowing us to retain our market leading pricing while providing added value to our users for less, over our competitors.

Our objective of “integrity before profit” means that our team will verify all registered users requesting to join to ensure they are genuine motor traders and have existing trading relationships with known motor dealers, VAT registered and confirmed business landline phone numbers and we will reject registration requests that can’t provide these details. We believe it is important to invest this time and level of verification at registration in order to provide our existing registered users the comfort to know that the other motor dealers your dealing with are certified and are like minded motor industry professionals. 


Monthly membership is free which includes selling & requesting vehicles or requesting wholesale prices nationally, as well as having access to buy as many vehicles nationally as you want – click here to register now!